Thursday, 6 February 2014

Earth Hour Competition Brief

At the beginning of this term, we were set a one day competition project to complete. The brief was set by Earth Hour.

Create a Poster for the Planet
Inspire the world to live a more frugal, more thoughtful and less consumptive way of life.
Create a brilliant poster that makes people think and most importantly act.


Game City - Nottingham

At the end of last year, I took part in the Nottingham Game City Festival. On the last night, there was a screen printing event allowing people to choose from designs to get printed on to t shirts. Previous to the event, we designed the assets that would be made into a screen to print on the night. As the theme for the event was gaming, we chose to create a range of 'V's' and 'S's' of which one of each would be chosen to spell out VS's on the t shirts. Each design was related to gaming either using characters or components associated to the gaming world. We worked with Norman from Waste Studios who helped us to create the designs and screen.