Thursday, 6 February 2014

Earth Hour Competition Brief

At the beginning of this term, we were set a one day competition project to complete. The brief was set by Earth Hour.

Create a Poster for the Planet
Inspire the world to live a more frugal, more thoughtful and less consumptive way of life.
Create a brilliant poster that makes people think and most importantly act.


Game City - Nottingham

At the end of last year, I took part in the Nottingham Game City Festival. On the last night, there was a screen printing event allowing people to choose from designs to get printed on to t shirts. Previous to the event, we designed the assets that would be made into a screen to print on the night. As the theme for the event was gaming, we chose to create a range of 'V's' and 'S's' of which one of each would be chosen to spell out VS's on the t shirts. Each design was related to gaming either using characters or components associated to the gaming world. We worked with Norman from Waste Studios who helped us to create the designs and screen. 

Monday, 23 December 2013

Brand It

As our first solo project of the term, we were given the task to brand and then package a word. We had to choose between one of the seven sins or seven virtues. I chose the word 'greed' and began to look at its meaning as well as visual associations with the word.

Definition: Excessive desire for wealth, power or food.

I created a mood board showing all the visual interpretations and associations with the word. I decided that I wanted to brand greed as a positive despite it having a negative meaning as I felt this opened up a more interesting side to the project. I originally started to experiment with money trees which I felt were a strong representation of the word. After showing my work to others, I received feedback suggesting that the tree is seen as a positive leading to the idea of branding greed in this way.

Experimentation of my logo

Brand Pillars

Final logo and colour scheme

I defined my brand pillars which really helped me to create a logo that would reflect the idea of my proposed product. This also helped me to choose the name of 'Greedy Goods' which was a play on the term 'Greedy Guts'.

As the second part of the project, we have to package our brand as a product, service or experience. My brand was going to be a food stall that would be located at a station and would sell a two part product including a 'greedy' and 'good' part to it. I had shown this within my logo by illustrating the two words in the relevant way and needed to show the two sides to the product within the packaging of my idea. 

Initial ideas

Final Idea

Final menu idea
I created the design for my pop up food stall which would based on the theme of a barn/shed. I continued the natural theme which I had adopted within the logo and used the same colour scheme to ensure coherence. When creating the menu, I showed the two sides to the product by splitting it in half and using the logo to distinguish between the greedy and good part.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Freedom of Speech

Our first second year project was a group project and although I usually hate group projects, I found this one really enjoyable and helpful to get back into the swing of things with uni. I did not know any of my new tutorial group who I would be working with for the 3 week project however after getting to know them, we all worked really well together. Each group was given a different topic and told they would have to argue either for or against the subject. We were given 'Against the Freedom of Speech' which originally stumped us completely however after a lot of research we decided to narrow down the subject and base it on the freedom of speech within social networking. This lead us to the matter of cyber bullying:

We researched existing cyber bullying campaigns all of which we felt were dull and uninspiring. We felt that we could create a more exciting campaign raising awareness of the problems involved with cyber bullying. This would link to our original topic of the freedom of speech in a convincing way. After brainstorming potential ideas and ways in which we could build a campaign, we decided that doing it digitally and using the power of the internet would be the most successful especially due to the nature of the campaign. 

We decided upon the theme of Pac Man as we felt that it was accessible to both children and their parents and therefore would hopefully not be dismissed like many existing campaigns. We created a 'Google Doodle' which would then link to an edited version of the original Pac Man game. 

Our Google logo in situ
Our edited Pac Man board
Once we had created the game, we decided that we needed to promote it in some way. We considered posters however as the rest of our campaign was digital, we felt that advertising banners which could be placed on relevant websites would be the most effective. We created a banner for Twitter, Facebook and

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Glass Painting

Although I have never considered myself to be very artistic, I have always felt that I am creative and I always love to do 'arts and crafts' (even at almost 20). Me and one of my friends from home decided to paint wine glasses as we had several birthdays coming up and thought they would make good presents. After going to hobby craft (my favourite shop in the world) to get paints etc, we had a really fun day painting our glasses and I was surprised at how well mine turned out!!

Work in progress 
My finished wine glasses

Card Making

My summer at home has been 4 months in total and although I spent 3 weeks at the beginning Interailling around Europe, my saturdays working at my old job, Topshop, and the majority of the rest of my free time babysitting to earn some extra cash, I have found that I miss being creative and having projects to complete. Looking back, I now realise that I should have found myself some work experience even if it only meant a weeks work however I am going to be more proactive this year, and hopefully secure an internship for next summer. Whilst tidying out my room, I found all my card making stuff which I used to use when I was younger. I decided to get creative making loads of cards which I knew would be especially useful as two of my best friends birthdays were coming up at the end of August. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

It began with the sound of breaking glass

In a small group, we created a stop frame animation after being given the title of 'It began with the sound of breaking glass'.