Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Glass Painting

Although I have never considered myself to be very artistic, I have always felt that I am creative and I always love to do 'arts and crafts' (even at almost 20). Me and one of my friends from home decided to paint wine glasses as we had several birthdays coming up and thought they would make good presents. After going to hobby craft (my favourite shop in the world) to get paints etc, we had a really fun day painting our glasses and I was surprised at how well mine turned out!!

Work in progress 
My finished wine glasses

Card Making

My summer at home has been 4 months in total and although I spent 3 weeks at the beginning Interailling around Europe, my saturdays working at my old job, Topshop, and the majority of the rest of my free time babysitting to earn some extra cash, I have found that I miss being creative and having projects to complete. Looking back, I now realise that I should have found myself some work experience even if it only meant a weeks work however I am going to be more proactive this year, and hopefully secure an internship for next summer. Whilst tidying out my room, I found all my card making stuff which I used to use when I was younger. I decided to get creative making loads of cards which I knew would be especially useful as two of my best friends birthdays were coming up at the end of August. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

It began with the sound of breaking glass

In a small group, we created a stop frame animation after being given the title of 'It began with the sound of breaking glass'.