Monday, 21 October 2013

Freedom of Speech

Our first second year project was a group project and although I usually hate group projects, I found this one really enjoyable and helpful to get back into the swing of things with uni. I did not know any of my new tutorial group who I would be working with for the 3 week project however after getting to know them, we all worked really well together. Each group was given a different topic and told they would have to argue either for or against the subject. We were given 'Against the Freedom of Speech' which originally stumped us completely however after a lot of research we decided to narrow down the subject and base it on the freedom of speech within social networking. This lead us to the matter of cyber bullying:

We researched existing cyber bullying campaigns all of which we felt were dull and uninspiring. We felt that we could create a more exciting campaign raising awareness of the problems involved with cyber bullying. This would link to our original topic of the freedom of speech in a convincing way. After brainstorming potential ideas and ways in which we could build a campaign, we decided that doing it digitally and using the power of the internet would be the most successful especially due to the nature of the campaign. 

We decided upon the theme of Pac Man as we felt that it was accessible to both children and their parents and therefore would hopefully not be dismissed like many existing campaigns. We created a 'Google Doodle' which would then link to an edited version of the original Pac Man game. 

Our Google logo in situ
Our edited Pac Man board
Once we had created the game, we decided that we needed to promote it in some way. We considered posters however as the rest of our campaign was digital, we felt that advertising banners which could be placed on relevant websites would be the most effective. We created a banner for Twitter, Facebook and