Monday, 23 December 2013

Brand It

As our first solo project of the term, we were given the task to brand and then package a word. We had to choose between one of the seven sins or seven virtues. I chose the word 'greed' and began to look at its meaning as well as visual associations with the word.

Definition: Excessive desire for wealth, power or food.

I created a mood board showing all the visual interpretations and associations with the word. I decided that I wanted to brand greed as a positive despite it having a negative meaning as I felt this opened up a more interesting side to the project. I originally started to experiment with money trees which I felt were a strong representation of the word. After showing my work to others, I received feedback suggesting that the tree is seen as a positive leading to the idea of branding greed in this way.

Experimentation of my logo

Brand Pillars

Final logo and colour scheme

I defined my brand pillars which really helped me to create a logo that would reflect the idea of my proposed product. This also helped me to choose the name of 'Greedy Goods' which was a play on the term 'Greedy Guts'.

As the second part of the project, we have to package our brand as a product, service or experience. My brand was going to be a food stall that would be located at a station and would sell a two part product including a 'greedy' and 'good' part to it. I had shown this within my logo by illustrating the two words in the relevant way and needed to show the two sides to the product within the packaging of my idea. 

Initial ideas

Final Idea

Final menu idea
I created the design for my pop up food stall which would based on the theme of a barn/shed. I continued the natural theme which I had adopted within the logo and used the same colour scheme to ensure coherence. When creating the menu, I showed the two sides to the product by splitting it in half and using the logo to distinguish between the greedy and good part.