Monday, 7 January 2013

Introduction work

After being accepted on to the course we received a brief that we were to complete before starting at NTU. This stated that we were to create a piece of design work which reflected ourselves and showed our new tutors and peers who we were. We were instructed to do this in any way we liked using any mediums we felt comfortable with. I created a collage with photos, pieces of material, magazine cuttings and words. At the time, I was not overly impressed with my piece of design work however without access to Illustrator or any other computer program, it was difficult to create the effect which I had imagined. Over the Christmas holidays however, I decided to create a new piece of work for this brief. I had access to Photoshop and Illustrator which helped me to create something I was happy with. I used only words as I like the way that they can explain so much in such a simple way. 

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