Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dream Catchers

A major part of my course is creating a source book of ideas and inspirations from anything and anywhere. I have really enjoyed doing this as it has shown me how I have become far more aware of other peoples design since coming to uni. I read a lot of magazines and always manage to analyse the typography in particular without realising as well as the photos, colours, images etc which are included. When searching for inspirations for a project or design on the internet, I often look at other peoples blogs and tumblrs as these are always really interesting and I enjoy looking at different peoples design. One thing that I have noticed is the amount of people re-blogging dream catchers in the form of tattoos, jewellery and images on clothing. I decided to collect a few of these images and create my own design during an evening when I had little else to do. I rarely get time to do any designing that is not for a uni project with the washing, cooking and of course going out that I do so I try to take every opportunity I can to fit it in.

I am not an illustrator by any means but I was really pleased with the drawing I did. I think that it definitely reflects my style of very clean, crisp work which is enhanced by the use of fineliners. I am very happy with the outcome and over the Christmas holidays start in 2 days times (so excited) I want to build up some of my own work in between catching up with all my college friends and trying to earn some much needed money so I can buy yet more clothes.

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