Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Graphic Images and Illustration

For the last project of the term, we were set the brief 'to develop a series of graphic images/illustration that clearly communicates to a specific audience a range of visual messages'. Upon reading this brief, and sitting in our weekly design lecture with my tutor outlining the afternoons workshop, I wanted to cry. Although I love graphic design, I HATE DRAWING (unless its on illustrator). In the afternoon we had a visualisation session where we were told to draw a certain thing including a bike, piranha, airplane, castle and some others each in 6 minutes. This was probably the worst 3 hours of my life!! I am so ashamed by my drawings I didn't even want to look at them again let alone stick them in my sketch book however in the end I managed to bring myself to do so. 

I chose to concentrate on clothes beginning with drawing them on illustrator (of course) and then moved on to using collage techniques within these drawings. At first I was not enjoying this project at all and had little motivation however after finding my feet, I was more inspired and ended up really enjoying experimenting and creating a set of graphic images as my final piece. 

For the final graphic images, I built up a mixture of collages, patterns using illustrator and different drawings of clothes. I chose to use the idea of 'fashion through the decades' as I found the use of the changing colours palettes and styles useful to show continuity within the images but also change the design each time.

After a slow start with this project, I was really pleased with my final outcomes as I felt that I had really stepped out of my comfort zone exploring new techniques and managed achieve something I really liked as a piece of design.

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