Thursday, 15 November 2012

Screen Printing

Today I had a screen printing workshop. It was held by Nick Saunders who is a graduate from NTU and now works as a freelance illustrator and screen printer. A few weeks ago we had him as a guest lecturer and it was so inspiring seeing all the work he has done since graduating from the same course which I am currently doing. He has worked for many different companies creating designs but the most impressive by far is working on the set of the Harry Potter film, 'The Half Blood Prince'.

In the workshop, we were making our screens as a practise and also to add to our portfolios of work. I chose to use a portrait of myself as this was easy to turn into a high contrast image which is necessary for a screen print. I had done screen printing previously at college however we did not make our own screen and were not shown how to do this. I found this process really interesting and it also means that the final outcome is more satisfying as you have worked harder for it. As it was only a practise, we did not change the colour of our ink however we did use different colour papers so we had a variety of images as the final outcome. 

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